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Building an Assembly Hall in Chile.



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when you accidentally make a baby cry and you don’t know what to do to get it to stop


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This email is from our Sister Debra in Sierra Leone, so we can please remember them in our prayers.  Gives us a little update of what is happening with our brothers and sisters over there at the moment.  Debra is situated in Freetown in Sierra Leone (not sure which cong).  If you get Ebola there’s a 90 percent chance that you will die, so you can just imagine the fear they are experiencing.
Attached is a pic of Debra at her Kingdom Hall  (she is wearing the red skirt).
From: Debra
Sent: Friday, August 01, 2014 12:52 AM
To: Amy
Subject: no more meetings at the kingdom hall
hello my special sister.
was nice to chat with you today.
All meetings at the kingdom hall has been banned, we no longer have Thursday’s meeting and Sunday’s meeting.
a couple of hours after i spoke to you, our president declared a state of emergency on our media (TV, RADIO ETC) , all public gathering have been restricted, the only public gathering accepted is one related to Ebola virus.
All flights coming in and out has also been restricted.
medical petitioners will be going from house to house to examine people.
Monday is also declared as a public holiday, for families to meditate deeply and sensitize there families about Ebola.
we will be having our kingdom hall meetings in small groups in different family houses. no more meetings at the kingdom hall until the banned is raised.
it is getting very serious this Ebola issue. i am very scared.
i pray Jehovah looks after us (the brothers and sisters).
please pass this news to others let them remember there brothers and sisters here in Sierra Leone when they pray.
greetings to them also, and love from Sierra Leone.
do keep in touch and remember us in your prayers.
love you all the way




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